"We must have no discrimination, no, about wearing masks"

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A few weeks after most U.S. states begin to unload the lock, parts of the country are currently suspending reopening plans and add limited in an attempt to slow the staggering increase in new cases.

At least 14 states have announced they are suspending or pushing back reopening measures. These include: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, North Carolina, Maine, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Washington state.

This is a breakdown by state:

Arizona – Governor Doug Ducey said Thursday that state plans to reopen the state are currently being halted because of a spike in coronavirus cases.

Arkansas – Governor Asa Hutchinson said on Thursday he was not ready to continue raising restrictions as the spike cases.

California – Governor Gavin Newsom ordered bars to close in seven counties, including Los Angeles County.

Del know – Government of John Carney Published on Thursday The delay of the third phase of the economic reopening was originally scheduled for today.

Florida – Governor Ron DeSantis said the state had no plans to resume its reopening. The state has stopped consuming alcohol on the spot in bars.

Idaho – Governor Brad Little said Thursday the state will remain in stage four reopening in at least another two weeks.

Louisiana – Governor John Bel Edwards on Thursday officially extended the second phase of reopening in Louisiana for another 28 days, as new Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations increased.

North Carolina – The Roy Cooper government has expanded to Safer Home Phase two …



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