United States coronavirus: Some states revert to previous restrictions in the hope of slowing down coronavirus cases

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July 4 is approaching, officials are trying not to repeat the Memorial Day scene, as thousands of people across the country flock to beaches, bars and parties while experts warn the crowd. Freezing can lead to a spike in cases of down the road. At least 12 states have suspended plans to reopen Hope to contain the spread.
The announcement came after a devastating week for the country, in which many states broke their record of new cases in a day and the US also recorded a record high of one-day cases. with 40,173 reports on Friday.

But those numbers may be just a glimpse of the nationwide level of infection, as a survey from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the total number of infections could be higher. up to 24 times more than reported.

What happens next is unclear. Local and state leaders vowed that they would do whatever was necessary to stay away from the second course. But many people have stopped taking the option off the table.

And as more cases continue to report an increase in cases, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar warned on Sunday. The time window for pandemic control is quickly closing.

The boost will get worse for weeks.

Governors across the US have in part attributed their mutation to the more extensive testing – but former CDC director, Dr. Tom Frieden warned on Sunday even when there were many tests and diseases. The hospital is better prepared, "this virus still dominates".

The increase in cases across the South is …



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