U.S. Supreme Court justices worry about 'chaos' in the Electoral College dispute

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If enough voters do so, it could spur an election, or, as some judges have said, cause chaos.

The judges heard the arguments in two closely watched cases – one from Colorado and one from Washington state – less than six months before the November 3 election, in which the Democratic candidate was Joe Biden challenges Republican President Donald Trump.

The judges also expressed concern about maintaining states capable of eliminating bribed voters to vote for a particular candidate. On the other hand, judges also forced Colorado and Washington lawyers, regardless of any restrictions on state powers seeking to control how to vote.

The case regarding the presidential election system is provided for in the US Constitution, in which the winner is determined not by a majority in the national popular vote but by ensuring a majority. Votes are distributed to 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia.

Cases involving so-called loyal voters did not vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Election University, although she won popular votes in their states.

Colorado and Washington …

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