Turkish-led forces march into Syrian border town Ras al Ain, fighting fury.

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ANKARA / BEIRUT (Reuters) – Turkey-backed Syrian rebels entered Ras al Ain in northeastern Syria on Saturday but it was unclear how far they went, with Turkey saying the town center had been The Kurdish occupation and seizure force denied and said they had counterattacked.

Turkish army vehicles and military personnel are stationed near the Turkey-Syria border in Sanliurfa province, Turkey, October 12, 2019. REUTERS / Murad Sezer

The battle for Ras al Ain broke out as Turkey pursued a four-day cross-border attack against a Syrian Kurdish militant despite protests from the United States and the European Union and warned on possible sanctions unless Ankara stops working.

Washington said Turkey's offensive caused great damage to its relationship with NATO in its relationship with its NATO ally. The head of the Arab League called it an invasion of an Arab nation nL2N26W1FT)

The Turkish offensive has sounded a warning bell about the country's humanitarian collapse. The Kurdish leadership in northeast Syria says nearly 200,000 people have been displaced, while the U.S. World Food Program has reached more than 100,000 in the towns of Tel Abyad and Ras al. Ain.

Turkey began attacking the Kurdish YPG militia, which is considered a terrorist group, after US President Donald Trump withdrew some US troops, who supported the Kurdish forces in The fight against Islamic State rebels.

The national army (Syrian rebels) takes control of the town center (Ras al Ain) …

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