Turkish-backed Syrian rebels occupy the heart of the Syrian border town: a senior Turkish official

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ISTANBUL / BEIRUT (Reuters) – Turkey-backed Syrian rebels took control of Ras al Ain's Syrian border town center on Saturday, a Turkish security official said, when Turkey Turkey attacked the Kurdish militia in this area. day.

An explosion and smoke were seen on Syrian town of Ras al-Ain as seen from Turkey's Ceylanpinar border town, Sanliurfa province, Turkey, October 12, 2019. REUTERS / Stoyan Nenov

The national army (Syrian rebels) took control of the town center this morning. Tests are being conducted in residential areas, officially told Reuters.

Turkish forces overnight increased their bombardment of Ras al Ain during their attack, after US troops in the area were hit by artillery fire from Turkish positions.

The United States has stepped up efforts to persuade Ankara to prevent an attack against U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG forces, saying Ankara is causing great damage to the relationship and could face sanctions. punish.

Turkey launched the attack after US President Donald Trump spoke by phone on Sunday with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and withdrew the US army who fought alongside Kurdish forces.

There has been intense international criticism of the attack and concern over its humanitarian consequences. The Syrian Kurdish-led government says nearly 200,000 people were displaced due to the attack.

Erdogan has dismissed criticism of the operation and …

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