Trump will receive new coronavirus recommendations later this week, the Xi plan calls

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump will receive recommendations this weekend from his advisers on the next steps in the battle to prevent coronavirus and dominate the US economy, Vice President Mike Pence said. know Thursday.

US President Donald Trump addresses the coronavirus task force daily press conference at the White House in Washington, USA, March 26, 2020. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

Trump has been pressing for days to get the economy moving again despite the growing number of coronaviruses in the United States, the strict measures recommended by his advisers to contain.

Trump and his coronavirus group on March 16 issued recommendations for people across the country to reduce social and career interactions for 15 days, including for children learning at home and without practice. Loyal group more than 10 people.

Pence said that as the 15th approached, the presidential advisors planned to make recommendations to him based on the latest data.

We will then present this weekend (to) the president a series of recommendations and … additional guidance for further development, Pence Pence added that the president made it clear that he want to open up the country. 'But we will do it responsibly.

Trump said he had told state governors earlier in the day in a letter that his administration would update instructions on how far away society is related to the pandemic.

We will destroy this virus, he said. We have to go back …

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