Trump is facing what he is most afraid of

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Trump's biggest problem today is his epic failure to address a pandemic that has killed more than 125,000 Americans. To borrow a phrase from the President, coronaviruses are raging, "like never seen anyone before." In response, the governors in the brigade refused to risk Trump's self reverse to fight a pandemic. Quests are currently appearing in Trump Country, where more and more people want stronger public health efforts.
Where is Trump on the pandemic? Yes, later hawking hydroxychloroquine, a drug that turned out to be useless, framing a disgusting federal response was a success and refused to appear in a masked public, all of which stopped talking about it. However, he showed us where he stood by conducting a reckless indoor protest, to signal their loyalty, many chose to give up the mask. Recently, he sent his cheerleading captain, Vice President Mike Pence, to a news conference where he lied. as he said "We slow the spread. We flatten the curve."
Pence showed the limits of this commitment when, one day after the press conference, he acknowledged the dangers of the pandemic by cancel the campaign event. With this move, he seemed to repeat the decision of the people at home after Trump's Tulsa protest. The president had expected 40,000 to come but according to a fire marshal estimate only 6,200.This frustrated Trump so clearly that he began to consider that his re-election Have trouble.
Trump's troubles don't just include …

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