Timeline: Airbus Highlights 16 years, Boeing trade war

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(Reuters) – The US government on Friday raised taxes on aircraft imported from the European Union, increasing pressure on the EU to resolve a 16-year-long dispute over support for machine manufacturers. flying, and offering broader negotiations to reach a US-EU trade agreement.

FILE PHOTO – Guests attending the world premiere of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are reflected in the fuselage at the 787 assembly plant in Everett, Washington, in this July 8, 2007 photo. REUTERS / Robert Sorbo / Files

The World Trade Organization has found the world's two largest aircraft manufacturers to receive billions of dollars in unfair benefits in a pair of cases dating back to 2004 and is expected to allow both sides impose tariffs, starting from the United States.

Here are the highlights of the feud that created thousands of judgment pages, posing tariff threats to goods from airplane parts to whiskey and causing both sides to claim victory. while the estimated cost is up to 100 million dollars.


The United States seeks negotiations with the EU and Airbus (AIR.PA) host countries England, France, Germany and Spain for unfair subsidies through government loans. Washington terminated its 1992 US-EU agreement including support for Airbus and Boeing (BAN). The EU filed a complaint about US aid to Boeing.


The WTO launched twin probes to assist the public for Boeing and Airbus after bilateral negotiations failed.


Airbus announced a new A350 jet that they will be looking for …

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