Three events from the confrontation of President Biden-Sanders

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders faced Sunday in the final debate of the Democratic presidential election in 2020, with the ideological difference between the national crisis on the pandemic. coronavirus.

US Democratic presidential candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders make an elbow in lieu of a handshake as they greet before starting the debate. 11th Democratic nominee of the US presidential campaign in 2020, held at CNN studios in Washington without an audience because of the global coronavirus pandemic, in Washington, USA on May 15 3 years 2020. REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque

Biden walked into the evening leading Sanders in the number of Democratic delegates before Tuesday's preliminary elections in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio could prevent him from stopping a last-minute delay.

The Democratic candidate will face Republican President Donald Trump in the US general election on November 3.

Here are three points from the first live debate of Biden and Sanders


There's a clear difference from the start between Biden, the former vice president who served two terms under former President Barack Obama and Sanders, the Vermont Democratic Senator, who was a member of Congress. for 30 years without serving leadership.

When asked about the pandemic, Biden applied a wartime posture, talking about the immediate steps he would take like …

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