The world doesn't laugh at America, it makes us pity – While it's in America

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In the stifling heat of Covid-19 summer, US cities suddenly resounded with firecrackers and fireworks explosions at small hours. Authorities have no clue where explosives come from.

It started in Brooklyn's New York district, then spread to Boston, DC suburbs, and across the country. Officers on the coast, in San Francisco, are now filled with complaints about insomnia nights and frightened pets.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some people are taking off steam – or rockets and cannon – after months of being stuck at home under shutdowns. But nightly cocoa is not only a nuisance for people with nerves, who have been stretching to breakthrough points in recent months – they can cause injuries and house fires. In Brooklyn, troublemakers appeared Aim at a homeless man with an explosive cannon.
Where does this arsenal come from? In just the past few months, the New York Police Department has handled more than 4,000 fireworks-related complaints – this is very much when you think that fireworks are banned in New York City. But since many states allow the sale of all kinds of fireworks, New Yorkers are catastrophically just needing to cross the status lines into, say, Pennsylvania to reserve.
With Wednesday, Independence Day, just a week away, the nightly chorus could be even more intense. But New York Mayor Bill De Blasio feeling the considerable heat in this regard, in addition to the criticism about his handling …



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