The United States could be the next "virus center" when India locks and the global economic downturn appears

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GENEVA / NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The United States could become a global focus of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, when India announced a 24-hour national lock in a densely populated country. second world.

India joined the ranks of Britain and other countries holding back to prevent the virus when its business collapsed from Japan to the United States at a record pace in March.

The highly contagious coronaviruses made the entire region locked. In some places, soldiers are patrolling the streets to keep consumers and workers indoors, suspend service and production and disrupt supply chains.

The global health crisis is quickly leading to a global economic recession, because there is a clear tension between preventing infection and destroying the economy, Edoardo Campanella, an economist at the Bank UniCredit in Milan said.

But Wall Street bounced back from a three-year low as investors placed their hopes in the US Senate through a $ 2 trillion stimulus bill.

According to a Reuters inspection, more than 16,500 of them confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide that exceeded 377,000 across 194 countries and territories.

In Geneva, WHO spokesman Margaret Harris said the number of infections in the United States had increased greatly.

In the past 24 hours, 85 percent of new cases were in Europe and the United States, and of those, 40 percent were in the United States.

On Monday, the virus was …

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