The United States aims to pass a $ 3 trillion democratic coronavirus bill rejected by Republicans

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US House of Representatives was set up on Friday to debate and vote on a $ 3 trillion Democratic bill to reduce the human and economic losses of the coronavirus epidemic that killed killed 85,000 Americans and closed most of the economy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democratic MPs introduced the sweeping law that the Senate Republican Party pledged to die while returning to their room.

The Home measure includes $ 500 billion in aid for the state government, another round of direct payments to individuals and families to help stimulate the economy and pay health workers and people different at the front of the pandemic.

If approved, it would double the amount of spending Congress has authorized since March to combat coronavirus.

But unlike the previous four coronavirus response laws, this bill seems ready to land on the floor without any support from Republicans, who accuse Democrats of using crisis. just to send the political message.

Its representative is like a wish list of free Christmas cards, Tom's representative, Tom Cole said in the debate over the bill on Friday. This bill is going nowhere, and nowhere fast.

Republican leaders in Congress said more time was needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the $ 3 trillion aid that had been enacted into law.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that any new law must protect businesses from all the lawsuits they may face for …

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