The Pentagon says the United States does not give up the Kurds

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FILE PHOTO: US Defense Secretary Mark Esper is seen during a press conference held with French Defense Minister Florence Parly (without photo) in Paris, France, September 7, 2019. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann / File Photo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon said on Friday that Turkey's military attack on northeastern Syria was damaging US-Turkey relations, adding that the United States was not giving up. Kurdish partners.

We have not given up the Kurds, let me make that clear, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters at the Pentagon.

No one gives a green light to this activity of Turkey, vice versa. We have pushed back very hard at all levels so that the Turks don't start this activity, '' said Esper Esper.

Turkey stepped up airstrikes and artillery attacks on the Kurdish militia in northeastern Syria on Friday, escalating an attack that gave warning of a humanitarian disaster and turning lawmakers on. Republic against US President Donald Trump.

The Kurdish YPG is the main fighting element of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which once served as the main ally of the United States in the campaign to retake territory held by the Islamic State group.

SDF now holds the majority of the territory that once created the Islamic State of Caliphate, in Syria, and has imprisoned thousands of Islamic State militants in prisons and tens of thousands of their family members in camps. .

Esper said he talked to his Turkish counterpart about the dangers of Turkey …

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