The Afghan government releases Taliban prisoners as U.S. supporters push to end the war

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KABUL / UNITED Nations (Reuters) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is preparing to release 1,500 Taliban prisoners in the coming days, according to an decree seen by Reuters on Tuesday, as the United Nations supports a U.S.-led effort. to end Afghanistan's 18-year war.

FILE PHOTO: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani speaks at a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan March 1, 2020. REUTERS / Omar Sobhani / File Photo

The two-page decree signed by Ghani, requires all Taliban prisoners released to provide the Document with a written assurance not to return to the battlefield, in order to pave the way for negotiations. directly with the tough rebel group.

The United States warned the Taliban that the current level of violence is not conducive to promoting the peace process, after the 15-member US Security Council unanimously approved a resolution drafted by the United States. .

The United States signed an agreement with the Taliban last month to phase out U.S.-led foreign forces if the Taliban keeps its commitment. It also stipulates the start of talks between rebels and an Afghan government delegation on a political settlement to end decades of conflict.

The prisoner release decree, expected to be announced later by the Ghani office, said the process would begin in four days.

The process of releasing 1,500 Taliban prisoners will be completed within 15 days, with 100 prisoners leaving Afghanistan prison each day, they said.

The decree states that negotiations between …

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