S&P 500 rally for Monday as investors wait for $ 2 trillion support package

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(Reuters) – The S&P 500 gained points for its second straight session on Wednesday when the US Senate appeared near a vote on a $ 2 trillion package to support businesses and households. The family was devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Wall Street cut huge profits at the end of the session after reports raised doubts as to how quickly the bill could pass, but the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day. more than 1% and 2% respectively.

Boeing has risen 24%, bringing its increase over the past three sessions to nearly 70%, as investors bet on government support for aerospace as well as airlines. American Aviation Group (AAL.O), United Airlines Holding (UAL.O) and Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) more than 10% each jump.

Boeing, which has long been a symbol of US manufacturing power, has still fallen by more than 50% since mid-February.

The fourth marks the first time since February 12 that the S&P 500 has climbed for two consecutive days. Even after retreating late in the day from its highs, the Dow Floor's 14% gain in two sessions was the strongest two-day percent performance since 1987.

What financial and monetary stimulation has done is to allow the market to recover, said Justin Hoogendoorn, head of fixed income strategy at Piper Jaffray in Chicago. Nothing because the main street community is coming back. It can be said that the institutional crowd can say, the world cannot be separated.

Top aides of Republican President Donald Trump and senior Senators and Democratic Senators say they have …

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