Russian bounty: This must be Trump's worst wrath

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I accompanied the President and the First Lady, along with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Defense Secretary William Cohen, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and others to the Andrew Base Base to testify for the solemn transfer. That was the day my oldest son turned 6 years old. He did not care about this world, nor was it the smallest concern that his father could never go home. But those families, they were worried even before the attacks. A person they love is serving their country half a world away. Nearly a quarter of a century later, none of their birthdays or weddings, anniversaries or graduation ceremonies are the same.

I never forgot those families or that day. Like everyone, I was heartbroken. But our pain soon hardened into resolution. Clinton, in particular, feels burdened to avenge their deaths. It is fair to say he became almost obsessed with al Qaeda for the rest of his presidency. He tried to take bin Laden and almost missed it. Successor Of course, declare war on the Taliban for revenge 9/11. And then, the next President, Barack Obama, was remarkable show courage, ordered the Navy SEALS to attack bin Laden's compound. And justice has been done.

It took three 13-year presidents to get Bin Laden, but each stayed there. Failure to do so will indicate weakness, which in turn will invite aggression. Every president must know this from the first day. During the first six months of the first year of her first term, Mrs. Clinton learned that Saddam Hussein had conspired …

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