Russia steals the United States' racial and social differences before the election: sources

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. intelligence and security officials will inform Congress on Tuesday about how Russia uses social media to arouse racial and social differences ahead of the general election. Dispatched this year, three sources familiar with the presentations.

U.S. government experts will say, during brief classified meetings before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, that Russian social media efforts are now more directed at stirring divisions. more socially than promoting specific US presidential candidates, the sources said.

Among specific issues, the Russian dwarfs seeking to exploit are gun control, ethnic group rivalry, tensions between police and the local community and abortion, sources said.

Regarding abortion, the United States has evidence that Russian network cooperatives are using social media to stir up opposition on both sides of the issue, one of the sources said. One of the goals of the Russians seems to be to use disagreements on social issues to stir up violence, the source said.

In an unclassified article about widespread findings, intelligence agencies said, so far, we have not identified any activities designed to change the number of votes, although they remain wary of any malicious activity posed by foreign actors or criminals.

However, the agencies said that Russia's state-run social media activities were aimed at a number of candidates, from both U.S. political parties, in part to …

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