Remdesivir: Gilead discloses the price for Covid-19

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Gilead Science, the drug maker Covid-19, published in an open letter on Monday morning, they decided to offer $ 390 per bottle to the US government, including Veterans' hospitals and the Department of Defense, and the governments of other developed countries. But the discount price will not include Medicare or Medicaid.

A typical five-day course of treatment will consist of six vials, equivalent to $ 2,340 per patient, Daniel O & # 39; Day, President and CEO of Gilead Science, said in the letter.

The US government will continue to manage the US remdesivir allocation to hospitals until September, the company said.

The letter added that the price for US private insurance companies would be $ 520 per bottle, totaling $ 3,120 per patient for a five-day treatment of six bottles.

"Government prices apply to the Big Four federal agencies (Veterans, Indian Health Services, Ministry of Defense and Coast Guard), as well as other direct government buyers such as the Department. Federal Prison, once on the Federal Supply Schedule, "A Gilead spokesman told CNN.

"Medicare and Medicaid are not direct buyers of managed drugs in an inpatient setting. Hospitals buy commercially available inpatient drugs and are later reimbursed by the Medicare & Medicaid Service Center. set price. "

Remdesivir, currently administered via infusion, is Only drugs authorized for emergency use

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