On the trail: Bloomberg targets Democratic opponents, Biden raises money for important countries

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WASHINGTON / NEW YORK (Reuters) – US Democratic presidential candidates have targeted Thursday at a rival that hasn't appeared on the ballot in states yet to vote early but advertised on television already radio coverage: former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who lagged behind in the first two nominated contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, have targeted Bloomberg for past peace tactics in the big city. Most of the United States and his comments on a mortgage activity are considered racist.

Biden quickly walked through New York City, where he headed a high-dollar fundraising pair and vowed that he would win a nomination despite a slow start in early voting. Democrats are competing to face Republican President Donald Trump in the November 3 election.

Here are the highlights from the campaign trail on Thursday:


Prior to the weekend visit to Nevada, where the contest was nominated on February 22, Biden fundraisers were in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday night stating what a sponsor said was nearly $ 800,000. la.

Biden acknowledged coming in Iowa and New Hampshire but emphasized that 98% of voters have not considered it – including black voters in more diverse states, who always support Biden in public opinion polls. .

I was confident that we would beat South Carolina. I think we will win or participate in a very tight race, one or two, in Nevada, Mr. Bid Biden talked about …

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