New York sees progress against coronavirus, New Orleans getting worse

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(Reuters) – The state of New York, the leading country in coronavirus infection and death, is showing signs of limiting the spread of the disease, the governor said Wednesday, even if deaths in New York City soared while the health crisis deepened. -hit New Orleans and other places.

Admission rates in New York have slowed in recent days, said Governor Andrew Cuomo, with the numbers he calls almost too good to be true. He also praised the enlistment of 40,000 nurses, doctors and other medical professionals who signed up for a mutant Viking healthcare force, but warned there was still work to be done.

In a disturbing sign that he and other governors are preparing for the worst, the states of New York, North Carolina and Hawaii have asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to send special mortuary teams with could be deployed for mass casualties, Fema said Wednesday.

New Orleans, where the large crowd celebrated Mardi Gras a month ago, is on its way to becoming the next hub of the United States, when the Bay Area metropolitan Louisiana recorded the highest growth rate in the world in coronavirus.

Cuomo has announced new steps aimed at containing viruses. New York City – home to more than 8 million people – has closed some of its largely empty roads to provide traffic for pedestrians with more room for pedestrians and greater social distances.

At a press conference, Cuomo said the city will also ban basketball and other contact sports in public parks, and lament …

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