Mnuchin expressed hope a deal was 'very close' with a $ 2 trillion coronavirus aid package in the US Senate

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Extensive coronavirus economic stimulus package remained stalled in the US Senate on Monday as lawmakers haggled over its terms, but the US Treasury Secretary spoke out about will reach an agreement soon.

Democrats say the $ 2 trillion measure contains too little money for states and hospitals and is not limited enough to a fund to help big businesses.

A 49-46 vote dropped from the 60 votes needed to advance, as Republican-controlled rooms remained deadlocked on Monday. Only one Democrat, Senator Doug Jones, voted with the Republican party to implement the bill.

Congress has passed two laws to reduce the economic damage of a pandemic, killing more than 550 people in the United States and sickening more than 43,800 people, leaving millions out of work and leaving state governors out. commands nearly one third of the national population at home.

Tempers frayed when Republicans accused Democrats of hindering a national emergency, but negotiators from both parties and Republican President Donald Trump's administration, continued to meet in private rooms, where they spent many days trying to agree on the bailout.

Why are Americans still waiting? Why did Democrats disturb the bipartisan bill they helped write? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

The Democratic Party insists more supervision provisions need to be provided for the $ 500 billion fund to help …

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