'Missionary lost!': Iran demonstrates furiously after the plane disaster

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DUBAI (Reuters) – Protesters accuse Iranian clerical rulers who took to the streets and riot police deployed to face them on Monday, during a rally on Tuesday after authorities. admitted having mistakenly shot a passenger plane.

The Iranian president called last week to defeat the Ukrainian plane as a fatal mistake by Islam on Saturday, saying that their air defense was shot while alert after it launched a name attack. fire on US targets in Iraq.

The outrage of the Iranian public, rumbled for days after Tehran repeatedly denied blaming the plane crash, provoking protests when the military acknowledged its role.

A full picture of the protests within Iran is difficult to obtain because of restrictions on independent media. But videos uploaded to the internet show scores, possibly hundreds of protesters on Monday at sites in Tehran and Isfahan, a large city south of the capital.

The video shows students chanting slogans, including the lost Clerics !, outside the universities in Isfahan and in Tehran, with riot police taking their place on the streets.

Pictures from two days of demonstrations earlier show wounded people being piggybacked and bloodstained on the ground. Gunfire could be heard, although the police refused to open fire.

The protests are the latest turning point in one of the most serious increases in tensions between Washington and Tehran since the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979.

US President Donald Trump, who raised the stakes earlier …

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