Melbourne melted into smoke as the forest fire in Australia caught fire despite a cool change

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SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia's devastating wildfire season is not far away despite the colder weather this week, Victorian officials warned Tuesday when Melbourne was covered in dust.

FILE PHOTO: A burning gum tree is being cut down to prevent it from falling into a car in Corbago, as the fire continues in New South Wales, Australia January 5, 2020. REUTERS / Tracey Nearmy / File Photo

At least 180 fires continue to burn across Victoria and New South Wales (NSW), although widespread rainfall has been forecast for burnt areas on the east coast since Wednesday.

About 20 wildfires have yet to be controlled in NSW, the most populous state in Australia, while in Victoria, five fires occurred at the 'View and Act' advisory warning, one under emergency, authorities said.

I wish I could say this is over, but we still have a long way to go. We have been smoking in our community at the moment and it is at very poor or dangerous level, Lisa Lisa Neville, emergency services minister and Victoria Victoria police told a news conference.

Brett Sutton, the state's chief health officer, said he believes the air quality in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, has dropped to the worst in the world overnight when colder temperatures brought particles. in the air down near the ground.

Australia is experiencing one of the most severe burning seasons recorded, with wildfires on fire since September, killing 28 people and destroying more than 2,500 houses.

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