Malta's ruling party legislators return to the prime minister

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VALETTA (Reuters) – Lawmakers from the ruling Labor Party of Malta, headed by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Sunday but did not say what he could do next when he faced pressure to give up. crisis due to an investigation of a murdered journalist.

The party congressional group met for four hours, then said that lawmakers supported unanimous support for all decisions that the Prime Minister would make.

Call for resignation developed after the 2017 car bomb probe by anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia led to allegations on Saturday against a famous businessman with a relationship with ministers. and senior officials.

Yorgen Fenech, 38, was taken to Valletta court late Saturday and charged with complicity in the murder. He pleaded not guilty to that and other charges.

The prime minister is reportedly preparing to announce his departure but is seeking to remain in the office until his successor is chosen, according to local and government media close to the city of Muscat. Similar sources said he was likely to stay until the party held a leadership election in mid-January.

Fenech was charged after the government rejected a prosecution waiver in exchange for information on murder plots and about corruption charges involving former director of Keith Keith Keith Schembri and former Tourism Minister. Konrad Mizzi, among others, court records show.

Schembri and Mizzi resigned on Tuesday …

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