Lunch and solo mask: The Chinese return to work grappling with coronavirus

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BEIJING / SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese government official Jin Yang returned to work in Beijing this week to find his usual workplace rules upheld as China fights the coronavirus epidemic.

His office banned lunch behavior in the cafeteria with colleagues, favoring canned meals, packed in the house and eating at the table, he said.

Some others, anything unusual, but the 28-year-old man told Reuters.

Meetings are held online, instead of in person. Employees must wear masks all day and report their temperatures twice a day.

Jin is one of the millions of workers who began streaming again this week from the Chinese New Year holiday, which lasted another 10 days in China's struggle to contain the virus, killed 1,380 people and infected nearly 64,000 people.

But streets and subways are largely deserted in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai's capital and shopping center, with many shops and restaurants either empty or closed, while lots of employees. Office work from home. Many places still implement preventive measures, companies are applying rules to prevent infection and dispel fear of employees in capturing it, such as keeping them apart. the better.

Not all companies have resumed work. Many have asked employees to return from overseas trips or other provinces for home isolation for up to 14 days.

PERFECT PICTURE: Jin Yang, 28, checked the temperature at an entrance to his office, on the morning of the first day back to work after …

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