Lincoln Project: New Republican anti-Trump ad beats the President on coronavirus death on 'The greatest generation & # 39;

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The narrator tells images from World War II, a reminder that previous generations gave up their comfortable lives for noble reasons.

The advertisement equal Lincoln project, a political action committee set up in 2019 with the goal of encouraging Republicans to abandon Trump and prevent his re-election, then cut back for the President to call for countries to reopen. again between pandemics.

"We can't let the cure be worse than the problem itself," Trump said as the ad ended with a video of an elderly patient clinging to life.

"Haven't we asked the greatest generation?" advertisement asked.

John Orleansoff, one of the authors behind the iconic World War II HBO drama, "Band of Brothers," wrote the Lincoln project.

The Project co-founder, Reed Galen, said Trump's profile of the pandemic deserves to be voted in the November election.

"Americans should judge Trump about his inhumanity for accepting us as being able to spend," Galen said.

The ad, which will launch on Sunday with a $ 100,000 digital purchase in target markets, will be seen first in Florida, Arizona, Texas and South Carolina, states determined largely by their military communities. The states have also experienced recent mutations in coronavirus cases.

Previous advertisements from GOP's anti-Trump organization angered the President, who called the group members "losers".

The Lincoln project has …



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