Joe Biden's speech: Trump has 'surrendered' before coronavirus

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In a speech at Wilmington, Delkn, the former vice president, recounted what he had made when he misunderstood about Trump, from Mr. Trump's early elimination of the virus to his recent refuses to wear a face. mask in public appearances.

Pointing to Trump in March who declared himself wartime president when fighting coronavirus, Biden said: "What happened? Now it's almost July and it seems our wartime president has been surrender – wave the white flag and leave the battlefield. "

Biden's comment is Recent polls of voters nationwide and in the key states showing him to be ahead of Trump. Biden's public appearance in recent months has been limited to small, invitation-only crowds.

The 77-year-old former vice president is eager to respond to Trump's campaign portraying him as a cognitive impairment, a case often done using out-of-context videos from Biden's public appearances. . He said he "could hardly wait" to argue about Mr. 74-year-old Mr. Trump.

Mr. Biden also scolded Trump for not reading or forgetting the content of the daily briefing sent to the President. The White House has denied that Trump has "a personal brief" on reports that Russia provides bonuses to Taliban fighters for killing US troops in Afghanistan, arguing that intelligence is "unverified".

"If he is not informed, it is a dereliction of duty. And if he is informed and he has not done anything, it is a dereliction of duty," Mr. Biden said. to speak.

And, when asked by the reporter whether he was tested for any kind of perceptions …



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