Joe Biden is closer to the Democratic nomination with outstanding victory

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Joe Biden won resounding victories on Tuesday, three Democratic presidential elections, extending his almost unbeatable lead in the race to challenge President Donald Trump in November and increased pressure with rival Bernie Sanders to end his campaign.

Dominant victories in Florida, Illinois and Arizona are a sign that Democrats are ready to regroup behind Biden and focus on the November 3 election war against Trump, before The campaign took place over a period of weeks-long interruptions. coronavirus epidemic.

Victory also raises the question of whether or not Sanders should continue to pursue the White House. Party leaders were worried about the repeat of 2016, when they believed that the US senator, long-term, bitter bitter battle with Hillary Clinton played a role in her uneasy loss. ahead of Trump, 73 years old.

Biden, 77, won together a series of decisive victories, routing Sanders close to 40 percentage points in Florida, 20 points in Illinois and more than 10 points in Arizona.

In a bleak speech delivered from his home in Delkn, the former vice president said that the coronavirus outbreak requires leadership from the White House and makes a call to many young supporters. Sanders, a democratic socialist.

Let me speak especially to young voters who have been inspired by Senator Sanders: I hear you. I know what is at stake. I know what we have to do, he said. Our goal is a campaign and my goal …

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