Israel's Netanyahu and rival Gantz are closer to the united government

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's main rival, Benny Gantz, was elected as a parliament speaker on Thursday in an unexpected mobilization that could herald a united government to hold the United States leader. former to power.

FILE PHOTO: Israeli Green and White Party Heads Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shook hands as they attended a memorial service in Jerusalem, November 10, 2019. Heidi Levine / Pool via REUTERS

With the support of right-wing Likud and Netanyahu's allies, former General Gantz angered many of his political allies for smoothing the path of cooperation with the prime minister on criminal charges.

The sudden change in 48 hours of the political film brought Gantz's Green and White Party into turmoil just 13 months after it appeared as an alliance of rival Netanyahu. intending to bring down the right winger 70 years old, Israel's longest serving the prime minister.

Gantz's move has opened the door for a revolving deal in which he and Netanyahu will take turns leading.

It comes after a year of political stalemate, in which an Israeli vote was voted in three unproductive elections, there was no craving for a quarter.

Even more urgent, it faced the coronavirus pandemic that with more than 2,600 confirmed cases, 8 people died and a large part of the country was partially locked, having severely affected the economy.

These are no ordinary days and they call …

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