Iran holds elections, the tough ones will rule with the key to vote

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DUBAI (Reuters) – The Iranians voted on Friday in a parliamentary election capable of helping the loyal leader of the supreme leader tighten power when the country faces pressure from The United States toward its nuclear program and increasing home discontent.

State television said the vote, starting at 4:30 GMT, will run for 10 hours but may be extended according to the results. In the middle of the afternoon, an Interior Ministry official told state television that about 11 million of the 58 million eligible voters voted for 290 members of parliament.

The election is considered a referendum on the popularity of the clerical institution that most moderate moderates and conservative candidates are prohibited from participating.

With thousands of potential candidates excluded from the support of supreme leader allies Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the votes are expected not to alleviate Iran's nuclear impasse to the United States or create a softer foreign policy.

Parliamentary power is limited, but the interests of security hawks can weaken pragmatists and conservatives who support theocratic theocracy but also have many economic benefits. more Westernly, since then, Teheran has been estranged from the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

An increase in the number of tough people on the council could also help them in the 2021 presidential contest, a job with widespread daily government control. Pragmatist Hassan Rouhani won the last two elections for promises to open Iran outside …

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