Information about Russia's bonus scheme was included in the President's Daily Summary earlier this year, the source said.

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That assessment, the source said, supported by "some information" supported the view that there was an attempt by the Russian intelligence unit – GRU – to pay bonuses to kill American soldiers, including interrogation of Taliban prisoners and electronic eavesdropping. The source said there was some other information that did not corroborate this view but said, "This is a big problem nonetheless. When it's about the US military, you pursue 100%, with everything you have. "

Trump is not known fully or regularly reads the President's Daily Summary, something famous in the White House. Instead, he was summarized by his intelligence officials two or three times a week. The White House said he was not informed of the issue during the discussion.

The information was serious enough, the National Security Council staff held a meeting in the spring to discuss "possible response options", including sanctions, if the situation were serious. The newspaper was so developed that it was deemed ready to issue to the President any possible action, the official said.

The press on Monday indicated whether the information was included in the President's Daily Summary – the written document included more important and urgent information of the intelligence community – the press secretary of the House. White Kayleigh McEnany just said that Trump "was not personally informed."

Trump also stated in a Sunday evening tweet, "Intel has just told me that they do not find this information reliable, and …



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