In China's coronavirus center, volunteers continue to move around the city

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BEIJING (Reuters) – One day after the Wuhan city government blocked all public transport to prevent the coronavirus outbreak starting in the city to spread, three nurses were trapped outside. Hankou train station.

FILE PHOTO: Volunteers in protective gear help a man register at a residential checkpoint, following the outbreak of a new coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China February 9, 2020. The China Daily adopts REUTERS

They had returned early from the Chinese New Year holiday to return to work at Tongji Hospital, only five kilometers away, but filled with luggage and food from related relatives, they had no way to get there.

Seeing their help request online, Chen Hui, a 53-year-old Wuhan resident, wore a mask and came to pick them up at the train station, just down the street from a seafood market supposedly the site of the coronavirus.

Wuhan, where 11 million people live, has been paralyzed by containment efforts of health authorities. When public transport stops and taxis and ride-hailing activities are also suspended, ordinary citizens are risking their health to bring health workers to and from work and receive major supplies. like food and masks for the people to maintain the functioning of the city.

Through this disease experience, I really feel that the people of Wuhan are very united. Everyone in our team has a strong sense of duty, Mr. Chen said, who runs an extraordinary trip …

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