Germany reopened hate speech, arguing about gun laws after the killing of the shisha bar

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BERLINE (Reuters) – Germany faces calls for an increase in gun ownership laws and an increase in efforts to track down right-wing homosexuals after a suspect in the worst mass shooting since World War II The second battle was found to have declared racial proclamation.

The 43-year-old murderer who is thought to have been nine in two shisha shops in the western town of Hanau later on Wednesday posted the document, offering intriguing theories of conspiracy and philosophy. .

The suspect, who allegedly committed suicide and his mother after the shooting, belonged to a gun club, questioning how a man with such ideological beliefs gained status. member and get the weapon he uses.

We need new and stricter laws to regularly and thoroughly check the owners of hunting licenses and guns, the B BNG newspaper – Germany's best-selling newspaper – wrote on its front page. We immediately need more (smart) locations to monitor free radicals and intervene before it's too late.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer later told Bild that the government would initiate reforms to strengthen inspections of gun owners. This is not just a question of whether someone has stored their weapons properly or kept ammunition separate from it – it must also be about very personal matters, he said.

The ministry later said in a statement that it was considering such checks in cases where gun owners were conspicuous to the authorities, and that …

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