Fox News veteran Shepard Smith gave up, saying that 'the truth will win the day'.

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Shepard Smith, head of Fox News and sometimes a critic of US President Donald Trump, announced on Friday that he had left the network after 23 years.

A person walking by Fox News offices after being informed that news anchor Shepard Smith has left the network in New York City, USA, October 11, 2019. REUTERS / Andrew Kelly

In an unexpected airborne statement at the end of Mr. Shepard Smith's daily reporting program, Smith said that he had asked to leave.

His farewell message ends in the hope that the truth will always be important.

I recently asked the company to let me leave Fox News. After asking me to stay, they forced. As a result of our agreement, I have won reports elsewhere, at least in the near future, Mr. Smith Smith said.

Even in our currently polarized country, it hopes that the truth will win the day, that the truth will always be important, that the press and journalists will exist, Mr. Smith Smith said.

Smith, who is also managing the editor of the news unit about the disruption of the network, was one of the few senior journalists about Fox News that tended to be conservative to criticize Trump.

In March, he met with Trump's criticism, Republican Senator John McCain, and in August Smith spoke out about the unmistakable rise of white nationalism and differentialism. white race in America.

Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the U.S. media as an enemy of the people, had …

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