Former intelligence officials mocked at the White House denied that Trump was not informed of Russia's bonuses

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Trump doesn't know how to read his daily summary, and instead prefers a briefing several times a week.

These latest revelations come as many former senior intelligence officials are pushing back against White House denials, saying it is "ridiculous," "ridiculous," and "unimaginable." The President will not be informed of such an important intelligence capable of bringing the United States into the army in a harmful way.

The reaction angered former members of the intelligence community. They said that not only was the President aware of such intelligence, but also that the President was not informed because of the difference in opinion between the intelligence agencies that was "unimaginable". , a former senior intelligence official, especially since it relates to Russia.

"That's ridiculous," the former official said of the White House statement, adding that it was "unbelievable" that the intelligence community shared what it heard about Russia with its allies like the British and at least is to inform the President that it's a topic they've been following.

A second former intelligence official called the notion that the President was not notified unless there was consensus and 100% certainty that it was "ridiculous."

"You will have difficulty unifying tomorrow as Tuesday," the source told CNN on Monday.

A current administration official also said that some members of the US intelligence community feel "abandoned" by the Trump administration, especially when it comes to …



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