Exclusive: Boeing plans to restart production of the 737 MAX in May – source

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SEATTLE (Reuters) – Boeing Company (BAN) plans to restart production of 737 MAX in May, ending a month-long suspension period due to safety bans on its best-selling aircraft following serious accidents, acquaintances Belongs to this issue said Tuesday.

FILE PHOTO: The landed Boeing 737 MAX aircraft was seen parked in an aerial photograph at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, USA July 1, 2019. Photo taken July 1, 2019. REUTERS / Lindsey Wasson / File Photo

The Boeing Boeing plan hinges on the scale of the fast-spreading coronavirus disruption, and US regulators have deleted 737 MAX to return to service, a milestone that Boeing is still expected to reach. be in mid 2020.

An industry source said Boeing had asked some suppliers to ship 737 parts in April. Another said production was scheduled to restart in May. A third said coronavirus was throwing wrenches at Boeing's plans – they were originally hoping in April, but that dropped to May.

Boeing's chief financial officer Greg Smith told Reuters on Tuesday when asked about the goal to restart in May, there was a very slow, methodical, systematic way to warm up the squad and put in The crew returned to position.

The # 1 priority is to get customers back, Smith Smith team adds, that an increase in production will be associated with MAX deletion. We do not want to add to the repository.

Boeing stopped jet production in January as it struggled to gain regulatory approval and accumulated a backlog of 400 unallocated aircraft.

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