Donald Trump refused to lead as the pandemic worsened and allies abandoned him on the mask

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Trump is now almost the only authoritative figure on either side – including major Republican allies – who refuse to wear or endorse masks that have been shown to slow the spread of coronavirus but he was stigmatized as a liberal plot to harm him politically.

"We must not have stigma, no, about wearing a mask when we leave the house and approach other people. Wearing a simple mask is not to protect ourselves, but to protect. we all encounter, "Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor on Monday.

But Trump on Tuesday tweeted the code "Lone WARRANTY Lone!" – seem to accept its isolation from even political allies and scientific methods proven elsewhere to at least slow the spread of coronavirus in a short time.

Undeterred by the deepening national crisis, Trump is pushing for early plans The fourth celebration at Mount Rushmore that would frame him symbolically and ironically alongside the four most respected presidents of the United States, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The social gap consulted by the Trump government will not be enforced.
The White House held a brief meeting on Wednesday, but it seemed to be an effort anticipated by the White House press secretary. Kayleigh McEnany blurring the water around another movie that rocked Trump – claiming that he did nothing about Russia's military intelligence plan to bring in bonuses …

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