Donald Trump aroused his obsession with the coronavirus pandemic

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Trump did, however, find time to guard a statue of former president Andrew Jackson, who retired from his slave plantations in 1837and to forward the video that supporters chanted "White power." Trumpet deny the report that he was informed that Russia offered a bounty for killing US and British soldiers by the Taliban – but did not say how he would respond and stand up to protect the US military if the story was true. And Trump, who supported his predecessor Barack Obama for his less prolific golfing hobby, made two trips to his Virginia course, though proudly that he canceled a last trip. week to his New Jersey resort to ensure "law and order is enforced" in Washington, DC.

Trump's weekend represents another sign that he has transitioned from a pandemic, has killed more than 125,000 Americans and threatened to demand tens of thousands of more people, which he initially ignored, then was governed by. rational and politicized and now tired of talking about his war looming. His carelessness appeared despite the Health and Human Services Minister Alex Azar giving an alarming warning on CNN that seemed to contradict the "President Mike Pence's" statement about real progress. the "fight against coronavirus and falsely claimed that the United States" flattened the curve. "

"This is a very, very serious situation and The window is closed for us to take action and control this, "Azar told CNN's Jake Tapper about" State of the Union. "But like the other members of …

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