Director & # 39; Parasite & # 39; Bong said 'language barrier' was broken after Oscar nodded

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SEOUL (Reuters) – Bong Parasite's director, Bong Joon-ho, said he was surprised and excited when the film won six Oscar nominations on Monday, the first time in the history of the Korean film industry. National and is a sign that language is no longer a barrier to global success.

A Parasite, a dark comedy about the huge gap between rich and poor in Korea, won a best picture nomination, best director for Bong, and best screenplay outside of nominations. best international film.

Each time they announce new nominations, it's thrilling, because we actually predicted any of these, Bong Bong told Reuters Television in an interview in California.

Bong has previously discussed the challenges of international films breaking Belgian language barriers around the world, but said the nominations suggest those barriers may be falling.

We can say that thanks to the internet, social media and streaming services, the whole society is experiencing fewer language barriers and perhaps' Parasite has benefited from the trend. That global, he said.

In a video shared online by NEON film distributor, one of the show's stars, Song Kang-ho, tried not to spill a cup of coffee when he and the others in the room were excited. celebration.

Your sign is a global superstar: You don't spill coffee when your movie is nominated for Best Picture, the company said.

Kwak Shin-ae, CEO of the production company, Barunson E&A, said she was …

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