Coronavirus led Ohio to delay the election despite the judge's refusal

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Ohio will postpone the expected presidential election on Tuesday, although the judge refused to approve the postponement, because a public health emergency caused by coronavirus made it too dangerous. , Governor Mike DeWine said.

DeWine has asked the state court for permission to postpone the election, but after a judge rejected the request, he said that the state health director would request the polls to close as part of the situation. public health emergency caused by a virus.

During this time when we face an unprecedented public health crisis, conducting an election tomorrow will force poll workers and voters to put themselves at risk. healthy unacceptable coronavirus infection, Mitch DeWine said on Twitter Monday night.

While first seeking court approval to move the election, judge Richard Frye turned down a request to postpone the main meeting on Tuesday despite growing concern about coronavirus that closed the school. learn, restaurants and major gatherings across the country.

On Tuesday, Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton will order the polls to be closed, DeWine said, while Secretary of State Frank LaRose appealed to Frye's decision.

The appeal process began on Monday night, Ohio Department of Health spokeswoman Melanie Amato said, as Florida, Arizona and Illinois were preparing to vote on Tuesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was the overwhelming favorite to defeat the US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in all …

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