China locks 400,000 people in 18 coronavirus cases

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The complete opposite of loosening restrictions in between Infection rates of cycling in the United States and in part of Europe, about 400,000 people were severely detained in Anxin county, in the central province of Hebei, near Beijing, after only 18 new cases were discovered.

Officials stated in a statement Sunday that "all villages, communities and buildings will be completely closed" in Anxin. Families are allowed to send only one person to each household outside to buy things once a day – and all outside vehicles are prohibited.

Authorities quickly applied door locks on 11 residential compounds in the vicinity of the market, forbidding anyone to enter or exit. Residents check and report daily temperatures, and their daily food and daily necessities are delivered.

Beijing has also deployed a series of mass nucleic acids for coronaviruses, setting up 193 sampling stores across the city. More than 76,000 people were tested within 48 hours after the cluster was discovered.

Talk to CNN in MayChina's top respiratory expert, Dr. Zhong Nanshan warned that China still faces a "big challenge" about the potential return of the virus and the authorities should not be complacent.

"Most … Chinese people at this time are still susceptible to Covid-19, because (because of) lack of immunity," Zhong said. "We are facing (a) a big challenge, it is no better than the foreign countries I think currently."

Attempts to prevent an outbreak in Beijing appear …

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