Cases of Indian coronaviruses tick up despite being tightly locked

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NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Three more coronavirus infections died overnight in India as the government searched on Thursday to improve basic services for 1.3 billion people locked up in their homes to slow the spread. spread of the disease.

Silent streets across Indian cities and towns on the second day of three weeks, 24 hours closed when people call on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to feel not to leave home unless an emergency or real purchase products and other necessities.

Rows of people, wearing masks and some wearing gloves, can be seen outside the small shops in Delhi and Mumbai, among other cities.

Trucks were stuck at the state border and public transport was withdrawn. Police have enforced a rigorous lockout although Modi said essential services would be maintained.

Ram Prakash, a shop owner in Delhi Delhi Nizamuddin, said the supply of some essential goods has improved although bottled water is still a problem.

We are still facing supply issues with a few things, but gradually things are getting better, he said.

The Ministry of Health says the number of coronaviruses has increased to 649, including 13 deaths.

The number is still small compared to China, Italy and Spain, but health experts have warned that the world's second most populous nation faces a wave of infection if not taken difficult steps. .

A police officer removes air from the tires of a worker carrying vegetables, to dissuade people from crowded outside …

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