Black Lives Matter: Holding Indians as a model minority doesn't help

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But what about the brown silence? Just as people are being asked to acknowledge their White privilege, calls are increasing for South Asian migrants, especially Indians, in the UK, the US and Canada to test brown privileges. and speak out against racism against blacks.

This tension has arisen in part because some Asian groups are still considered "model minority", organized to achieve higher levels of socioeconomic success than others, often most white people. It's an old tactic that has been proven to do more harm than good, but it is still heavily used.

The problem with practice is that it pleases ethnic groups, maybe allies, against each other. It maintains stereotypes within and outside the group and, worst of all, it gives governments, companies and organizations power a mask for their own systematic racism. It completely ignores the fact that one minority group may face very different challenges or levels of racial discrimination than the other.

Black people, Other way, earn less than most other groups after graduation, reach the lowest levels in elementary and secondary, and are three times more likely to be arrested than whites. Similar trends have been noted in the US and Canada.

There are many ways to digest this type of data. Some see it as a clear sign that more needs to be done to address the issue of racism and closing the gap, but all too often, it is used to congratulate those who have sought it. see …



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