Biden's banks in Michigan to increase their lead, Sanders held hope for sadness

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DETROIT (Reuters) – Joe Biden hopes to make a big step to the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday when the six states vote, while Bernie Sanders aims for an uncomfortable victory in Michigan that will keep The White House hopes to survive.

Biden, who won the Democratic candidate's top spot with a series of sweeping victories last week in Tuesday's nominated contests, could create a formidable lead in The race to choose a challenger to President Donald Trump with another round of decisive victory.

The biggest battle between Biden and Sanders will take place in Michigan, a green-collar battlefield where Sanders caused a stunning 2016 rebellion against Hillary Clinton, ensuring a long-term nominated war – something Biden Hope to avoid this time.

With 125 delegates, Michigan is the largest of the six states to vote on Tuesday, when a total of 352 delegates attending the July Democratic conference will be supported.

Missouri, Mississippi, Washington, North Dakota and Idaho also host contests.

Since last week, Romps, Biden have roared the nation's lead in voting and deputies, knocking out their remaining viable opponents except Sanders and sweeping up another wave of endorsement from Democrats. famous and old rivals such as Senator Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

Democrats worried that Sanders' democratic democratic proposals that would restructure the economy will cause the party to fail in the November election to rush to regroup behind Mr. Biden, the vice president. ..

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