Biden apologized for saying that the radio wasn't black. otherwise decide on the US election

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(Reuters) – Former Vice President Joe Biden apologized on Friday for telling a black radio host that Mr Hui ain black iron if he still considered whether to support the incumbent Donald Trump. US presidential election on November 3 or not.

The Democratic candidate likely to comment on the Charlamagne tha Breakfast Club group in a Friday broadcast interview drew a quick reprimand from the Trump campaign and the people. support the Republican party, as well as some black Democrats on Twitter.

I shouldn't be such a smart person, Bid Biden said during a follow-up call to Black Chambers Inc. of the United States, an African-American business corporation. I should not have been very leisurely.

Biden, who served eight years as No. 2 to President Barack Obama, the first black US president, added that he had never taken a black voter to be granted and no one had to vote for who's that.

In a radio interview, recorded on Thursday, the famous broadcaster challenged Biden on his long history of race issues.

When Charlamagne forced Mr. Biden about he would choose an African-American woman to be the vice president, a campaign assistant could be heard trying to finish the interview.

You can do that with the black media, the radio host said.

Biden answered, I do it with the white and black media because my wife has to continue at 6 pm.

Charlamagne invited Biden back to the show, saying he had more questions before the election.

Do you have more questions? Biden answered ….

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