Barr told Trump to stop tweeting about the Stone case; The jurors called that 'terrible'.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Thursday pushed Donald Trump back after the president's attacks on prosecutors, judges and jury members in the trial of a longtime adviser. , saying Trump should stop tweeting about Justice Department cases and he won't be bullied by anyone

Barr, the top U.S. law enforcement officer, said in an ABC interview that Trump tweeted tweets, leaving me unable to do my job.

A jury in the trial in which Republican veteran politician Roger Stone was convicted told Reuters he was horrified by Trump's remarks.

Cannot be bullied or influenced by anyone … whether it be the Congress, a newspaper editorial board or the president, Mr. Barr Barr said. I will do what I think is right. And you know … I can't do my job here at the department with a resume comment that constantly underlines me.

I think it's time to stop tweeting about criminal cases by the Ministry of Justice.

Seth Cousins, who was a jury at Stone's trial, told Reuters he was concerned about the developments that led all four prosecutors to abandon the case.

Feeling like something odd is going on, Mr. Cousins ​​said in an interview.

Stone was convicted in November of seven counts of lying to Congress, obstructing and testifying fraud.

The cousin spoke after Trump posted a Fox News story on Twitter accusing some jurors of the Stone Stone case of political bias.


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