Assange's fate hangs in balance as United Kingdom courts consider U.S. extradition bidding

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LONDON (Reuters) – Nearly a decade after his WikiLeaks website got angry with Washington by leaking secret U.S. documents, a London court will start hearings on Monday to decide whether Julian Assange should be extradited back to the United States.

FILE PHOTO: Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks leaves Westminster Magistrates Court in London, England January 13, 2020. REUTERS / Simon Dawson

A hero to his admirers said he exposed the abuse of power, Assange was voted by the critics as a dangerous state enemy that undermined Western security. He said that extradition was politically motivated by people who were confused by his revelations.

The 48-year-old man, wanted by the United States on 18 counts of conspiracy to attack government computers and violate espionage laws, could face jail for decades if convicted.

Now, about 10 months after he is dragged out of the London Embassy in London, where he has been hiding for seven years, Judge Vanessa Baraitser will hear arguments about why he should be good. Should not be sent to the United States.

Jennifer Robinson, an Assange lawyer, said his case could lead to the criminalization of important activities for investigative journalists and his work has shed unprecedented clarity on how to The United States waged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are talking about mortgage killings, evidence of war crimes, she said. They are a remarkable resource for those of us seeking to hold governments to deal with abuses.

WikiLeaks is angry …

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