Anti-Lebanese anti-government protesters return to the street after a large Aoun-backed protest

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BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese protesters demanded the overthrow of their country, with the elite reaching the streets on Sunday in the largest number since the government was overthrown and hours after those Opposition supporter of President Michel Aoun held a major rally.

A supporter of Lebanese President Michel Aoun gestures during a rally in Baabda near Beirut, Lebanon, November 3, 2019. REUTERS / Goran Tomasevic

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned on Tuesday after unprecedented massive protests across the country, deepening a political crisis and complicating efforts to enact economic reforms. much needed in Lebanon.

On Sunday evening, anti-government protesters flooded the streets of Beirut and north and south of the capital, refusing Aoun Times' efforts to assert themselves as guarantors of the protest movement and efforts. Anti-corruption.

All of them means all of them, the protesters chanted in central Beirut, alluding to the wholesale removal of an elite they accused of plundering the state and pushing it into crisis. panic.

A day earlier, thousands of Aoun supporters attended a rally just outside Beirut, some waving their Liberal Patriotic party flag, engulfing a main road leading to the presidential palace. .

It was the biggest blow to the broader wave of protests that have squeezed Lebanon since October 17 and have included the elimination of the Aoun game in a series of sweeping requests.

In a televised speech, Aoun, who now has to hold consultations with the members …

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