After 53 years of marriage, a Texas couple died in the hands of Covid-19

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On June 18, after 53 years of marriage, the couple died of coronavirus Within an hour of each other in a Texas hospital, spending the last moment they held hands, their son told CNN.

Tim Tarpley said his mother, 80, had been ill for several days when he took her to Harris Health Fort Worth Method Hospital and discovered she had Covid-19.

She was accepted on June 9 and his 79-year-old father was received on 11.

Tarpley, 52, said his father is in the ICU and appears to be doing well. Nurses were even able to drive Curtis's car to Betty's unit, so they could spend time together.

Betty's condition declined, and Tarpley said that she had called him and his sister, Tricia, and told them she was "ready to go."

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It took him time to make up with her decision.

"I'm just screaming" No! I'm like, I've got so much, so much else to do in this life that I want to show you, and I'm not ready yet ready ', he said.

Hospital staff for Tarpley and his sister visited their mother twice, he said.

During her first visit, she took a lot of medicine and didn't really know they were there.

She was alert and broke the jokes when they returned the next day, but Tarpley said that she was obviously uncomfortable and the doctors said she didn't have much time.

Tarpley said he called his father to update his mother's status and told him how much he loved him.

Shortly after receiving the update from his kids, Curtis oxygen levels plummeted.

"I really felt like he was fighting because …



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