A Ukrainian plane crashed after taking off in Iran, killing all 176 people on board

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DUBAI / KIEV (Reuters) – A Ukrainian plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran airport Times of Imam Khomeini on Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board, Iranian state television and other houses Ukrainian leader.

A Boeing 737 belonging to Ukraine international airline crashed near the airport and caught fire. The Ukrainian embassy in Iran, citing preliminary information, said the plane had lost its engine and that the crash was not caused by Islamic terrorism.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said no survivors.

I extend my sincere condolences to relatives and friends of all passengers and crew, Mr. Zelenskiy said in a statement, adding that Ukraine is seeking to establish the circumstances of the accident and death. casualties.

Iranian television said the accident was due to a technical problem but was not built. State broadcaster IRIB said on its website that one of the two aircraft with two black boxes – a flight data recorder and a cockpit recorder – was found.

Iranian media quoted an Iranian aviation official as saying that the pilot of the aircraft did not declare a state of emergency.

There are no official words from Ukraine International Airlines. It was the first deadly accident based in Kiev. (L8N29D15X)

The fire is so heavy that we cannot (perform) any rescue … we have 22 ambulances, four bus ambulances and a helicopter at this site, Mr. Pir Pirsese Koulivand, the head of Iran's emergency service, told Iranian state television.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine …

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